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Do you want to translate IDM to your native language? Click here!
New: IDM can use UTF-8 format in translations starting from 6.32 version

Download translation files for your native language and save them to "Languages\" folder located in IDM root folder ("C:\Program Files\Internet Download Manager\Languages\" by default).

Language Download What is translated* Translated by Date User rating
 Albanian program (v6.22), tips, installer Isa Toska Feb/12/2015  
 Arabic program (v6.30), tips, installer Awadh A Al-Ghaamdi Mar/31/2018  
 Azerbaijan program (v5.11), tips Ugur Eminli Jul/18/2007  
 Bosnian program (v5.00), tips, help, tutorials Asmir Fejzic Dec/08/2005  
 Bulgarian program (v6.30), tips, installer, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help Lyuben Panchev May/31/2018  
 Catalan program (v5.17), tips Idali Vera Grau Sep/04/2009  
 Chinese program (v6.31), tips, installer Ke Cao Aug/25/2018  
 Chinese help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help Cai Yong Apr/06/2011  
 Chinese Traditional program (v6.28), tips, installer IMOK Jul/07/2017  
 Croatian program, tips, help, tutorials Petra Breskovic Mar/19/2004  
 Czech program (v6.25), tips, installer Vlamo Aug/14/2016  
 Danish program (v6.12), tips, installer John W Hansen Nov/12/2012  
 Dutch program (v5.00), tips, help, tutorials, grabber help Rob von Rotz Dec/05/2005  
 Farsi program (v6.37), tips, installer Arash Pour Feb/16/2020  
 Farsi tutorials, scheduler help Ali mohamad Shirazy May/23/2009  
 Farsi grabber help Farzad Abbaspour Jul/23/2012  
 Finnish program (v5.09), tips CTT-Crematop Translation Team Apr/18/2007  
 French program (v6.30), tips, installer Alain TORTOSA Mar/31/2018  
 German program (v6.30), installer, tips, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help Jörg Plöger Apr/02/2018  
 Greek program (v6.21), tips, installer Ippokratis Giakoumis Jan/28/2015  
 Hebrew program (v6.30), installer tzvika May/16/2018  
 Hungarian program (v6.28), installer, tips, help, tutorials Zoltan Toldy Apr/10/2017  
 Indonesian program (v6.12), tips, installer ViooMax Team Oct/30/2012  
 Italian program (v6.32), tips, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help, installer Ringo Nov/25/2018  
 Japanese program (v5.15), tips oTone-Team Dec/23/2008  
 Korean program (v6.25), tips, installer Speedwagwon(스피드웨권) Jan/10/2016  
 Lao program (v6.32, UTF-8), tips, installer Thavisak LUANGXAY(Dothavisak) Dec/01/2018  
 Lithuanian program, tips Mindaugas Barkauskas Nov/12/2003  
 Macedonian program, tips Dimitar Mitrev Feb/08/2004  
 Malaysian program (v6.32), installer, tips, grabber help MOLOKAL, Liang Piau Suk Nov/21/2018  
 Mongolian program (v6.31), installer, tips, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help Нямжав Ганболд Jul/11/2018  
 Norwegian program Lars Kaaven Nov/26/2004  
 Polish program (v6.31), tips, installer Dimek Sep/08/2018  
 Portuguese program (v6.19), tips, installer Aníbal Ribeiro Mar/08/2014  
 Portuguese (Brazilian) program (v6.30), tips, installer elda taluta Mar/31/2018  
 Romanian program, tips Alexandru DUTULESCU Jun/29/2003  
 Romanian program (v5.18), tips FLAVIUS C. (Cluj-Napoca) Dec/29/2009  
 Russian program (v6.30), tips, installer KSS Dec/11/2017  
 Russian help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help m0nkrus Apr/27/2010  
 Serbian Cirillic program (v5.18), tips, help, tutorials Radojevic Marko Mar/11/2010  
 Serbian Cirillic program (v6.15), installer Ozzii Apr/30/2013  
 Serbian Latin program (v5.14), tips, help, tutorials Aleksandar Đuric Sep/20/2008  
 Slovak program (v6.30), installer, tips, tutorials, scheduler help PESISOFT SK Mar/12/2018  
 Slovenian program (v5.12), tips Matej Petovar Dec/21/2007  
 Spanish program (v6.21), tips, help, grabber help, scheduler help, installer Ingrid Chumbes Padilla Sep/07/2014  
 Swedish program (v4.02) Magnus Gustavsson Sep/30/2004  
 Swedish program (v5.17), tips Göran Malmberg Sep/17/2009  
 Thai program (v6.31), tips, installer Anusuk Sangbon(Jaideejung007) Oct/08/2018  
 Turkish program (v6.31), tips, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help, installer Burhan Keleş and ÇAĞATAY KAYA Oct/03/2018  
 Ukrainian program (v6.25), tips, installer rkononenko Jul/17/2016  
 Uzbek program (v6.25), tips, installer Sherzod Mamatkulov Apr/21/2016  
 Vietnamese program (v6.25), tips, help, tutorials, grabber help, scheduler help Jul/18/2016  

*Note: "program" contains only the program translation file. You will need to exit IDM, copy all translation files to languages directory of IDM, and start IDM again. Select language using View->Language menu item if the language has not changed automatically.

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